The Surpassing Life

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The Surpassing Life
Brad Rex

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About the Author
Brad RexBrad Rex has led a surpassing life. He was a nuclear submarine officer, leader of Disney’s Epcot theme park for five years, Executive Vice President/Chief Customer Officer for Hilton Grand Vacations, and a distinguished graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Business School. Brad is a noted public speaker, husband for 30 years, and father of three, with 52 valuable lessons for surpassing living.

Would you like to have money, health, honor, relationships, knowledge, leadership and success beyond measure? The Surpassing Life provides easy, time-proven concepts to simplify your life, increase your happiness, and surpass all expectations. Each section takes only minutes to read, but can benefit you for a lifetime. Find out what other happy, successful people already know, and start living the surpassing life today.


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