Life Lifters

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Life Lifters
Zig Ziglar

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ISBN: 7-104-01744-5
Paper: 16 X 23.5
Pages: 224
Category: Inspirational / Motivational

About the Author
Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar is a much sought after speaker and author. The author of 20 plus books Zig Ziglar has logged millions of miles speaking worldwide. He has shared the platform with numerous U.S. Presidents and Congressmen as well as recognized leaders including Norman Shwarzkopf and Colin Powell.

Age-old wisdom that is right for today

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    From acclaimed author and speaker Zig Ziglar, come pearls of wisdom on a broad range of topics. Zig Ziglar uses a wealth of research, stories and historical wisdom to provide insight and encouragement to everything from parenting to salesmanship to even weight loss. Ziglar helps the reader focus on the power of thoughtfulness to others and move beyond a self-centered life. Divided into 56 short chapters, Life Lifters is just the book to bring strength to your day!


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