How to be Like Rich DeVos

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How to be Like Rich DeVos
Pat Williams / Jim Denney

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About the Author
Pat WilliamsPat Williams is an author of over 30 books and is the Senior Vice-President of the NBA?s Orlando Magic. He holds a bachelors degree from Wake Forest University and a master?s degree from Indiana University and has a doctorate in Humane Letters from Flagler University. He is married, and has 19 children; 14 which are adopted from 4 nations.

Jim Denney has been a full-time writer since 1989 and has over 60 books published.

Rich DeVos, cofounder of Amway and owner of the NBA?s Orlando Magic, has succeeded both in business and life. He has succeeded using good judgment and hard work and shares his success with others. DeVos shares his personal and business philosophy. Learn how to be a good businessman, a better leader and a great person. Rich DeVos is a model for living a life in business with both success and integrity. For anyone looking to go into business or succeed in business and wanting to do it honestly, ethically and the right way; examine the character of someone who has succeeded in business and built a multi-billion dollar company.


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