Modern Leadership Strategies from Ancient Chinese Wisdom

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 Modern Leadership Strategies from Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Robert Foster

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About the Author
Robert FosterDr. Robert Foster currently lives in Beijing with his wife and four children. Dr. Foster holds a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Science and Administration from the University of Notre Dame, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration from Azusa Pacific University. He previously taught at Beijing University in the department of International Studies, and now divides his time among directing study abroad programs (hosted in China, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.A), leadership consulting, writing and speaking.

31 Days to Greater Success

Throughout the book Dr. Foster alludes to your team. By “team” he refers to the people around you that help you reach your goals. For many, your team will be co-workers or employees. Some of your teams may be your family or a small group in a social organization. Regardless of who constitutes your team, the principles enumerated in the following chapters will help you succeed in reaching goals and accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. The leadership principles offered in this book will draw out the leader within you and help you maximize the gifts and talents of your team for success.


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