Mastering Monday

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Mastering Monday
John D. Beckett

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About the Author
John D. BeckettJohn D. Beckett is chairman of R.W. Beckett Corporation (Elyria, Ohio), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial heating systems. He has been named the oil heating industry’s “Man of the Year” and Christian broadcasting network’s “Christian Businessman of the Year.” Beckett is also cofounder of Advent Industries, a manufacturing company that provides job training for those who are hard to employ. He helped found Intercessors for America and serves as its board chairman.

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Many business books point to certain values or habits to be practiced and cultivated. But we need more than abstract principles to guide us in the pursuit of good business. More significantly, we need a genuine experience of the dynamic presence of God at work in our work.

Businessman and CEO John Beckett calls us to the transformation of the workplace into a place where the kingdom of God is experienced. Through sharing his own story, as well as looking to biblical and modern-day examples, Beckett offers role models that serve as companions on the journey to faithful and fruitful work. Drawing on a lifetime of wisdom and business acumen, Beckett invites us to enter into the privilege of working in active partnership with God himself.

Join the international movement of those whose faith is transforming their work. Master your Mondays by bringing them under the realm of the Master.


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