The Marriage Book

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The Marriage Book
Nicky & Sila Lee

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ISBN: 978-7-5087-3268-8
Paper: 17 X 23
Pages: 283
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About the Author
Nicky & Sila LeeNicky and Sila Lee have been married for over 30 years and have four children.
They are on the staff of Holy Trinity Brompton. They have spoken to thousands on the subject
of marriage and are the pioneers of The Marriage Course.

Most couples come into marriage with big expectations.
As they leave their wedding through a shower of confetti and meander off into the sunset,
they cannot imagine ever not wanting to be together. The long-term reality is different and,
potentially, far better.

Full of practical advice, The Marriage Book is easy to read and is designed to prepare, build
and even mend marriages.



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