The Mother Daughter Legacy

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The Mother Daughter Legacy
Carole Lewis / Cara Symank

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ISBN: 978-7-204-07894-3
Paper: 14 X 21
Pages: 138
Category: Family / Motherhood

About the Authors
Carole LewisCarole Lewis is the best-selling author of Today is the First Day, First Place and Back on Track. Carole and her husband, Johnny, are the parents of three children and have eight grandchildren. They live in the Galveston Bay area of Texas where their favorite pastime is sitting on the pier and watching the sunset.

Cara SymankCara Symank is currently a student at Texas A&M University. On Thanksgiving 2001, Cara?s mother, Shari, was killed by a drunk driver while standing outside of her in-law?s home. Through journal entries following her mother?s death, Cara?s previously unknown gift for writing has emerged. Her poignant and heartfelt words will touch all who read them. Cara is the granddaughter of Carole Lewis, the co-author of this book.

Spanning the lives of four generations of mothers, this book encourages all moms to see how each day is a precious opportunity for them to guide and influence their children. In The Mother Daughter Legacy, Carole Lewis and her granddaughter, Cara Symank, have come together to pay tribute to the rich heritage their mothers gave them through both words and example. Readers will learn that even mistakes can be redeemed by God. The most important truth to recognize is that a mother’s positive influences can bring a wealth of blessing to her family.


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