Pressure Proof Your Marriage

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Pressure Proof Your Marriage
Dennis & Barbara Rainey, Bob DeMoss

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About the Author
Dennis & Barbara RaineyDennis and Barbara Rainey are co-founders of FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ. Their books include the 2003 Gold Medallion finalist Growing a Spiritually Strong Family and the bestseller Two Hearts Praying as One. Dennis co-hosts the daily radio program FamilyLife Today, heard by four million people each week. The Raineys have six children (5 more grafted in by marriage- three sons, two daughters), and fourteen grandchildren. They live near Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Is Pressure Tearing your Marriage Apart?

Medical bills, car problems, headstrong children … it may seem like there’s a conspiracy against the two of you. But you can ward off the number one killer of marriages – pressure – before it’s too late. In this valuable book, you will messure your pressure level and discover six courageous choices hat will lead you on God’s path to easing the stress.

Let Dennis and Barbara Rainey guide you to a pressure-proof partnership, walking arm in arm through the best days of your married life.


What’s an island of clarity?

It’s any place where you can put aside the rush, the distractions, the “noise” of life long enough to reflect and hear from the Lord. These islands of clarity can be savored alone. They should also be enjoyed together as a couple.

Why does it take courage? Because everything around you -your “to do” list, your “want list”, your children, your work-howls and stomps like a toddler throwing a tantrum, demanding your immediate energy and attention. It takes courage to close your ears. It takes strong resolve to resist.

When Barbara and I carved out time for islands of clarity in our married life, the results were priceless. There’s nothing like uninterrupted time to gain perspective in the middle of the family circus.

“But how”, you ask, “can we squeeze in daily, weekly, and biannual ‘islands’? Doesn’t that get expensive?”

Not necessarily. Your islands don’t have to involve a posh resort or a condo on Waikiki.

Here are a few suggestions:

Weekly Islands of Clarity
To this day, Barbara and I have committed to a date night every Sunday evening. You can too. Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy restaurants. Sitting in a booth at a Waffle House, Denny’s or IHOP can get the job done. Through the years, we have used this time to review the events of the previous week. We’ve pulled out our calendars and made sure we were synchronized for the coming days and weeks.

We’ve also taken these opportunities to set the course for our family. Because our decisions impacted the level of pressure in our marriage more than we had at first realized, we worked hard to hammer out decisions that reflected our core values.

Together we thought through any impending major purchases, our children’s schooling needs, various discipline issues, and how we were dong in our relationship.

Looking back, we can affirm that having a date night was one of the most important commitments we’ve ever made.


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