Health 4 Life

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Health 4 Life
Jody Wilkinson

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About the Author
Jody WilkinsonWilliam (Jody) Wilkinson, M.D.,M.S., is a physician and exercise physiologist at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Wilkinson is the Director of the Cooper Institute Weight Management Research Center.

Vital truths that make for a physically, spiritually, and emotionally balanced life

  • Seeks to bring the reader to a place of total wellness
  • Lists a variety of helpful and practical health and eating tips
  • Helps readers understand what one should and should not eat when dining out

All you need to know about healthy living, living a healthy, balanced lifestyle – physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally is much easier, and infinitely more rewarding than most people imagine. The key to reaching the goal is total wellness, which is what Health 4 Life is all about. Full of practical pointers and encouraging insights, this is a welcome resource for everyone who wants to achieve a balanced, healthy way of life. First Place users know the value of this resource and millions more will welcome its excellent health tips and practical eating advice. A full spectrum of wellness – related topics are covered including: how to eat healthy while traveling or dining out, understanding and preventing cancer, and heart disease and high cholesterol.


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