Before You Live Together

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Before You Live Together
David Gudgel

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About the Author
David GudgelDr. David Gudgel has over 20 years experience as a pastor. He is currently serving as pastor of Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix, Arizona. He and his wife, Bernice, have three children.

Rediscovering God?s wisdom in the pre-marital relationship

  • Examining tough pre-marital questions
  • Thoughtfully advises couples on the pros and cons of living together before marriage

Particularly among university students, cohabitation is fast becoming a big issue in China. With over 20 years of experience as a pastor, Dr. Dave Gudgel has a great deal of experience in counseling couples who are considering marriage or living together. Before You Live Together uses true stories to illustrate different living-together situations and their outcomes. It also addresses the basic questions and issues you may have asked yourself, including: Is this the best way to find out if we’re compatible? Why do we need a piece of paper to tell us we’re committed to each other? It’s so much cheaper than paying two rents, isn’t it?


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