Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

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Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success (Building Blocks for a Better Life)

John Wooden & Jay Carty

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About the Author
John WoodenJohn Wooden was a high school and college coach for 40 years. During that time, his teams won more than 80% of their games. From 1948 to 1975 his UCLA Bruin teams claimed 10 NCAA national championships, including seven in a row and at one time won 88 consecutive games. Wooden is in the basketball Hall of Fame, both as a player and a coach. He originated the Pyramid of Success and is the coauthor with Jay Carty of the bestseller Coach Wooden One-on-One.

Jay Carty has played for the Los Angeles Lakers, coached basketball at his alma mater, Oregon State, and been a part of John Wooden’s UCLA coaching staff. After hanging up his basketball shoes, Carty entered ministry. For 25 years he has been a traveling preacher and has written eight books, including Darrell Waltrip One-on-One and Playing with Fire.

The Foundation of A Legend
I have always admired John Wooden, not only for his success on the basketball court, but also for his success in creating a legacy of excellence and integrity. When you are in the public eye you are under a great deal of scrutiny, and it is easy to make a major mistake or two. Over all these years, Coach Wooden has upheld his character and ideals in an admirable way. When he is remembered, thoughts will be drawn toward his teams, his attitude and his love for his wife and family.

John Wooden will also be remembered for his teaching ability. They don’t call him “Coach” for nothing. His Pyramid of Success has been the cornerstone of his teaching for many years.

In this book, Coach Wooden and Jay Carty take you through Scriptures in your life today. They show you how to use God’s Word to build a solid foundation in your life for whatever you do.

All good and lasting success is based on how we relate to God and how we relate to our fellow man. I hope that as you read this book, you will begin to understand what has served as the foundation for a great sportsman and a great human being.
– David Robinson
San Antonio Spurs, 1989-2003, Two-Time NBA World Champion

Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, is loaded with wisdom, common sense and everyday practicality. It’s a road map for living well and finishing well.
– Zig Ziglar
Author and Motivational Speaker/Teacher

John’s confidence, poise, communication skills and patience come from the Lord. He allowed these to enfold him, and the results show in this book.
– Bobby Bowden
Head Football Coach, Florida State University

Coach Wooden is an inspiration to everyone, not just to coaches. His Pyramid of Success is very thought-provoking and could be used by anyone in any business in a very positive way.
– Roy Williams
Head Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina

Table of Contents
Foreword – The Foundation of a Legend
Introduction – Defining Success
Introduction – Building the Pyramid
Special Introduction – Teaching the Generations
The Pyramid of Success – The Building Blocks and the Mortar Qualities
Building Block 1 – (Part One) Industriousness (Hard Work)
Building Block 1 – (Part Two) Industriousness (Planning)
Building Block 2 – Enthusiasm
Building Block 3 – Friendship
Building Block 4 – Cooperation
Building Block 5 – Loyalty
Building Block 6 – Self-Control
Building Block 7 – Alertness
Building Block 8 – Initiative
Building Block 9 – Intentness
Building Block 10 – Condition
Building Block 11 – Skill
Building Block 12 – Team Spirit
Building Block 13 – Poise
Building Block 14 – Confidence
Building Block 15 – Competitive Greatness
Mortar Quality 1 – Ambition
Mortar Quality 2 – Sincerity
Mortar Quality 3 – Adaptability
Mortar Quality 4 – Honesty
Mortar Quality 5 – Resourcefulness
Mortar Quality 6 – Reliability
Mortar Quality 7 – Fight
Mortar Quality 8 – Integrity
Mortar Quality 9 – Patience
Mortar Quality 10 – Faith
Appendix – Success Learning from the Legend


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