Worth the Wait

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Worth the Wait
Tim Stafford

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About the Author
Tim StaffordA graduate of Stanford University with a major in English writing, Tim Stafford is a best selling author of many works including; Love, Sex and the Whole Person, As Our Years Increase and Comeback. An accomplished author, he writes for magazines such as Campus Life. Mr. Safford devotes his time to the educational development of young people in Africa. Through Step magazine, he is able to help many young people and distributes the magazine throughout Africa. He is married and lives with his family in Santa Rosa, California.

Are you in love and getting pressure for the next step?

  • Helps answer the question “Is it worth the wait?”
  • Gain practical advice and wisdom.

When two people fall in love they both experience a flood of emotions; so why wait? This question puzzles many people. It is not an easy question to answer. The pressure comes from friends, the person you love, and the media. So, is it Worth the Wait? Tim Stafford offers experiences from his many years as a counselor, combined with biblical principles, to help you answer the question that plague many couples – is it Worth the Wait? This book will help you live a bold, fresh, holy and complete life.


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