The Faith of George W. Bush

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The Faith of George W. Bush
Stephen Mansfield

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Explore the religious ideals that drive the policies and politics of George W. Bush

  • Provides insight into both public and private experiences that have shaped him as a man
  • An inspiration to use faith in all areas of our lives

About the Author
Stephen MansfieldStephen Mansfield grew up primarily in Europe as the son of a U.S. Army officer, an experience that afforded him an early love of history and international affairs. He holds a master?s degree in history and public policy and doctorate in history and literature.

Stephen is the author of numerous books in history and leadership; including Never Give In: The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill, which was a Gold Medallion Book Award finalist in 1995. In 1997, the governor of Tennessee commissioned Mansfield to write a book on the religious history of the state for its bicentennial.

In 2000, he founded The Mansfield Group, which seeks to educate corporations and non-profit organizations to help them understand the cultural context in which they operate.

More than any other president in recent years, Bush’s presidency is “faith-based”. His life demonstrates the power of faith to change a life, to build a family and political career, and to help shape the destiny of a nation.

Discover how the 43rd president of the United States interjects his faith and belief in God into every detail of his life. From his devotional time alone each morning to his frequent incorporation of Scripture into his speeches, you will learn how the president relies upon his faith to direct his actions and goals. Find out how business failures, marriage difficulties, and a growing dependence on alcohol in the 1980s prompted Bush to become a man of faith. Look back at Bush?s presidential campaign, when the Texas governor welcomed leading ministers to pray for his future, telling them that he had been “called” to seek higher office.

From the tragedy of September 11th to the present-day conflict in Iraq, President Bush has learned to use his faith to help him live his life, both in office and in private. This book will inspire others to do the same.


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