Treasures of the Snow

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Treasures of the Snow
Patricia St. John

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ISBN: 978-7-304-04343-8
Paper: 12 X 18.5
Pages: 212
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About the Author
Patricia St. JohnPatricia St. John (1914-1992) was born in 1919 in England. In the early 50’s she went to Tangier, Morocco. She served in Morocco as a missionary nurse for 27 years. Ms. St. John traveled in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, as the settings of her novels reflect. In 1977 she returned to England, where she cared for elderly relatives and ministered from her home to youths, single parents, and the elderly. Her books, enjoyed by generations of readers, have been translated into numerous foreign languages.

The Patricia St. John Series:

Annette knew that she could never forgive Lucien for what he did to Dani, and she was going to make sure that no one else forgave him either. But what is she going to do when she is lying injured in the snow, miles from home, and Lucien comes past? Will she accept his help?

A beautifully written and engaging story that captures the innocence of childhood, and the joys found in little things. Learn as well what the healing power of repentance and forgiveness can bring as we heed our Savior’s voice in our lives.

Since its publication over fifty years ago, Patricia St. John’s classic Treasures of the Snow has been adapted in this recent edition for a new generation of children.


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