The Day I Died

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The Day I Died
Steve Sjogren

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About the Author
Steve SjogrenSteve Sjogren and his wife, Janie, have planted churches in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Cincinnati, and in Oslo, Norway. Launched in 1985, Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, grew from 30 to more than 6,000 weekly attenders. Steve currently writes, speaks and mentors church planters. He is the author of Conspiracy of Kindness and Changing the World Through Kindness, and co-author of Community of Kindness, and has written articles that have appeared in Charisma, New Man, Discipleship Journal and more. Steve, Janie and their three children live in Ohio.

It was a beautiful winter?s day, showing no signs of what was to come. Steve Sjogren, went into the hospital for routine gall bladder surgery and died?twice. What began as a tragic medical accident led to Steve?s encounter with death, an experience of unimaginable peace and some surprises, with comforting words from God, a meeting with an angel, and seeing those who had died before him.

In The Day I Died, you will read Sjogren’s unforgettable story and catch a glimpse of the hereafter. Discover how he learned a myriad of lessons about hearing God?s voice in times of crisis, how he came to trust God in a new way during the recovery process and how his life has changed as a result of this experience. If you, or someone you know, are fearful of dying, curious about heaven or simply desiring to live life to its fullest, this encouraging book could change how you view life and death.


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