What Men Want

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What Men Want
H. Norman Wright

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About the Author
H. Norman WrightDr. H. Norman Wright serves on the faculty of Talbot School of Theology at Biola University and is the former director of their Graduate Department of Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. He is the author of more than 65 books.

Examines how men think and how to effectively communicate with men

  • Provides concrete ways of improving your relationship with your man
  • Helps men understand who they are as men

Norman knows how men think: he’s counseled hundreds of them over the past 25 years. But in compiling this exhaustive book on the private thoughts, fears, hopes and desires of men, he didn’t stop with his own experience ? he surveyed more than 700 Christian counselors, as well as scores of men, to find out what men are saying about themselves. What Men Want will not only show you how men think and communicate, but it will give you concrete steps to improve your communication skills ? whether you are a man wanting to grow or a woman desiring to grow closer to the man in your life.


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