Praying the 23rd Psalm

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Praying the 23rd Psalm
Elmer L. Towns

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  • Praying through every verse of psalm 23
  • Leading readers to meditate and pray through every sentence of Psalm 23

When I began praying this passage, I found the Shepherd made Himself real to me. The Lord came to me as I prayed Psalm 23 and God touched my life with the power of its words. As I began daily praying Psalm 23, I found something else happening: I touched God.

If that is what you want?to touch God?take a journey with me through Psalm 23. We will travel through this much-traveled psalm by a new way?a path you have never walked?in which you will pray through the 23rd Psalm. As you do, something will happen to you that happened to me: You will touch God. But more importantly, God will touch you.
– Elmer L. Towns

About the Author
Elmer L. Towns is Vice President of Liberty University, where he also serves as Dean of the School of Religion. He is also visiting professor of Fudan University. He is a Gold Medallion Award-winning author, and his books include The Son and other books. He and his wife Ruth have three grown-up children.

Psalm 23 is the eternal love song that God composed for every one of us. The joy and peace in the psalm go beyond the mundane world and bring nourishment and comfort to people in the valley.
Elmer prays through Psalm 23 and describes God?s love and deep spiritual insight. You can appreciate the blessing of God being with us and finding the treasure hidden in the psalm in the article filled with hope and encouragement. Father longs to sit with you by still waters.
Will you stop your busy step, be still and pray through the most beloved passage of scripture? May you stay in the beautiful blessings that our Creator has given us!


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