Loving Monday

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Loving Monday
John D. Beckett

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About the Author
John D. BeckettJohn D. Beckett is president of the R.W. Beckett Corporation in Ohio. He is a graduate of MIT and has contributed to several books on leadership including Faith in Leadership and Profiles of Success.

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Succeed in business without selling your soul

  • Brings one?s beliefs, values, character traits, relationships and emotions to bear on one?s business life, and one?s success in business
  • Finds meaning and purpose in the work place

Instead of grinding it out until Friday and living for the weekends, John D. Beckett, a successful Ohio manufacturing executive, has seen how his work can be filled with meaning and purpose. The key has been integrating his work and his beliefs. As a result, both have grown ? along with a love for Mondays.

Beckett brings all of life together; work, belief, values, character, relationship, truth, worship and joy. For all those struggling under the strains and stresses of work, this book offers biblically grounded, practically-minded principles on succeeding in business without “selling out”.


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