Living in the USA

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Living in the USA
Xue De Fan

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About the Author
Xue De FanXue De Fan, is one of the most influential Chinese pastors in the USA, Xue De Fan was born in Liaoning province in mainland China, and received his college education in philosophy from Jilin University. As a strong atheist and communist partymember, he furthered his education through a Master?s degree in the study of Communism from the Party School of the Central Committee of The Communist Party of China. He moved to the USA in the early 1990s and during his time there made a radical shift to become a Christian. He is now a freelance writer and his works include Why I Would Not Become a Christian, Call From The Heart and Dream of the Homeland. He is also well-known for his popular writing on Chinese internet sites.

A detailed account of a Chinese atheist voyage to the USA and the impact and change that resulted

  • Insightful and helpful to those considering travel to the USA
  • Descriptive account of the impact of Christianity on the USA

As a person brought up in a poor family in the northeastern part of China and then who moved into a middle class community in the USA for about 14 years, Fan experienced all facets of American life. This book contains stories about religion, education and the laws of the USA. Religion, especially Christianity, has influenced the whole of American society in a deep way. One cannot, therefore, understand American society and western culture without understanding Christianity. These stories will help you to understand the dominant ideas and philosophies prevalent in the USA today.


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