Three Heroes in the Old Testament

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Three Heroes in the Old Testament
An Ping

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ISBN: 978-7-5443-3233-0
Paper: 14 X 21
Pages: 207
Category: Inspirational

About the Author
An Ping is a poet, author, radio program producer and DJ. He was born in Hebei Province in China and moved to California in 1998. He is an MBA graduate and is now focusing on leadership and non-profit organization research. He has written books such as A Red Mole (????) and Happy Gardener and Free Farmer (????? ?????).


  • Retells the stories of Joseph, Moses and David in a humorous way
  • Cartoons relating to the stories
  • Connects Bible truth with modern success and wisdom
  • Writing style is lively and interesting

The stories of the three most famous heroes in the Old Testament are retold in contemporary language suitable for teenagers and college students. The author?s humor and insight bring those ancient heroes into our lives and make them our examples. Their success, wisdom and faith is so true and so real even for the modern age.


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