Seek & Find in the Bible

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Seek & Find in the Bible
Carl Anker Mortensen / Jos? P?rez Montero

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ISBN: 978-7-80588-689-3
Paper: 23.4 X 30.5
Pages: 62
Category: Children

This is a Bible storybook that you and your children can read and play with together. While reading the stories you can look at the colorful pictures, searching carefully for hidden images and playing the seek and find games together to experience the Holy One?s abundant love and grace.
In each of the classic 28 stories from both the Old and the New Testament, you will see Mini Mike looking for adventure—if you can find him! Seek & Find in the Bible is full of pictures, games and questions to attract children to look for answers in the pictures and remember the Bible stories, characters of Bible times and customs of life, guide them to read the Bible and memorize Bible verses and practice perseverance while playing. It is a good book for kids in Kindergarten and primary school.

  • Looking at the pictures: 28 full color hand painted pictures perfectly present the grand scene of the classic Bible stories;
  • Listening to the stories: The vivid guide questions and the relevant Bible verses are convenient for teachers and parents to explain Bible information to kids.
  • Keeping a watchful eye: The questions centering on Biblical information can guide kids to search for the details of the pictures, such as the actions of the disciples and the expression on Jesus? face, to deepen their impression about Bible information and help them to understand and memorize the Bible.
  • Playing the games: Looking for the interesting characters and things, etc, which is just like a treasure hunt trip, can bring much fun to both parents and kids.

Target Readers
Kindergarten and primary school children.


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