The Power of a Parent’s Words

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The Power of a Parent’s Words
H. Norman Wright

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About the Author
H. Norman WrightDr. H. Norman Wright serves on the faculty of Talbot School of Theology at Biola University and is the former director of their Graduate Department of Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. He is the author of more than 65 books.

Reduce parenting frustration by effectively communicating with your child

  • Build your child up through healthy communication
  • Recognize patterns that cause long-term harm

A parent?s words have the power to build a child up. But subtle teasing, sarcasm or attempts at humour can bruise a child on the inside. We can make our children feel worthless or we can learn to communicate constructively and help them think as highly of themselves as God does. Norman Wright will show you how to recognize dysfunctional patterns you may have inherited from your own parents, learn healthy, functional methods of communication, discover your child’s personality type, understand his or her communication style and apply that knowledge to your daily interactions.


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