Wired That Way

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Wired That Way
Marita Littauer

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About the Author
Os HillmanMARITA LITTAUER is cofounder with her mother, Dr. Florence Littauer, of the Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Seminar (CLASS) through which, for the past 20 years, she has trained up-and-coming speakers and authors. She speaks regularly across the United States and is a regular contributor to Marriage Partnership, Christian Communicator, Godly Business Woman and Writer?s Digest. Marita is the author of 16 books, including Communication Plus, Personality Puzzle and Getting Along with Almost Anybody (both with Florence Littauer), Love Extravagantly (with Chuck Noon) and You?ve Got What It Takes. She and her husband, Chuck Noon, live in Albuquerque, N.M.

Do you want to understand yourself better, maximize your strengths and improve your relationships? Understanding how we are wired can enrich our lives and our relationships, helping to overcome differences that can seem irreconcilable. Instead of terminating jobs, friendships or marriage on grounds of incompatibility, it is possible to turn these relationships from dying to growing. For more than 25 years, Marita Littauer, with her mother, Florence Littauer, has helped thousands of men and women with their personal and professional relationships. In Wired That Way, Marita brings together in one book a comprehensive overview of the personality types that speaks to anyone who wants to understand and to be understood:

  • The Popular Sanguine – the sunny yellow happy face
  • The Perfect Melancholy – deep and thoughtful, blue like an ocean
  • The Powerful Choleric – the hot wire, represented by red
  • The Peaceful Phlegmatic – a calming presence like lush green grass

Once you know how your coworkers, spouse, family and friends are wired, you can begin to adjust your expectations and ultimately see almost overnight improvements in relationships as you learn to meet the emotional needs of others. While the emphasis of this book is to help you identify the Personality of others, you will also gain insights into how you are wired along with tools for growth so you can live in your strengths, not wallow in your weaknesses. Applying this information to your personal and/or professional life will allow you to make the connection that will turn on the light in all your relationships!


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