The Four Seasons of Marriage

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The Four Seasons of Marriage
Gary Chapman

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About the Author
Gary ChapmanGary Chapman is the author of the New York Times bestselling The Five Love Languages book series. He is the director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc., and travels around the world presenting seminars. Gary’s radio program airs on more than 100 stations.

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Dr. Gary Chapman provides an easy-to-grasp framework to help couples understand their marriage and seven practical strategies for strengthening or improving their marriage relationship. A valuable resource for couples regardless of how long they’ve been married, this biblically based book is a reference tool to help couples through every season of marriage.

Which Season of Marriage Are You In?

  1. Summer – A deep sense of satisfaction and security characterizes marriages in summer. Make the most of this season and help identify the hidden conflicts that can surface and threaten your contentment and stability.
  2. Spring – Spring represents a time of hopefulness and new beginnings. Discover new ways of listening and loving and awareness of the unexpected irritations that can disrupt this positive season.
  3. Winter – Winter relationships are distant and difficult. Marriage is much harder during the season of cold silences and bitter winds, but once you and your spouse develop a vocabulary for melting the ice, you’ll soon be on your way to warmer, happier times.
  4. Fall – Fall carries with it the unwanted change, uncertainty, and unsettledness that all couples face during the life of their marriage. Learn how to navigate this turbulent season, plant the seeds of hope and avoid the threatening winds of winter.


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