Bringing Out the Best in Your Child

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Bringing Out the Best in Your Child
Cynthia Ulrich Tobias / Carol Funk

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ISBN: 7-80195-283-9
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Pages: 287
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About the Authors
Cynthia Ulrich TobiasCynthia Ulrich Tobias is founder and president of Learning Styles Unlimited. She is married with twin sons, and they live in Washington. Her previous bestsellers are The Way They Learn, The Way We Work and Every Child Can Succeed.

Carol Funk is the founder of Bring Out Your Best. She lives in Washington with her husband and two sons.

Shows parents how to take a fresh look at their children?s “weaker” traits and turn them into strengths

  • Advises on how best to identify your child?s weaker areas and then discusses ways of turning those weaker traits into strengths
  • Teaches on how to cause better learning in your child

Family issues are increasing in importance in China with recognition of the problems going right up to the top government level. Bringing Out the Best in Your Child focuses on the importance of encouraging children, based on an understanding of how God has created them to be. This book will help parents see the strengths in what they perceive are their child’s weaknesses and will help them celebrate the child for who he or she is.


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