Hope for the Heart

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Hope for the Heart
June Hunt

Overcoming Negative Emotions
Price: ¥35.00
ISBN: 978-7-5443-3274-3
Paper: 14.7 X 21
Pages: 384
Category: Devotional

Creating Authentic RelationshipsThat Last
Price: ¥35.00
ISBN: 978-7-5443-3275-0
Paper: 14.7 X 21
Pages: 400
Category: Devotional

Building Strong Basis for Growth
Price: ¥35.00
ISBN: 978-7-5443-3277-4
Paper: 14.7 X 21
Pages: 380
Category: Devotional

Fostering a Positive Attitude at Work
Price: ¥35.00
ISBN: 978-7-5443-3273-6
Paper: 14.7 X 21
Pages: 382
Category: Devotional

Establishing Healthy Romance and Family
Price: ¥35.00
ISBN: 978-7-5443-3276-7
Paper: 14.7 X 21
Pages: 392
Category: Devotional

  • Practical counseling materials based on Biblical principles
  • Covers five major areas: Emotions, Life & Work Pressures, Relationships, Marriage & Parenting and Healing
  • Around 60 different topics

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About the Author
June HuntJune Hunt is the CSO & founder of Hope for the Heart, a worldwide biblical counseling ministry that provides numerous resources for people seeking help. June earned her Master of Arts degree in counseling from The Criswell College. She is a visiting professor of Dallas Theological Seminary. Whether writing, speaking, or singing, June Hunt is dedicated to presenting Biblical Truth for Today?s Problems. June authored and published the Biblical Counseling Keys, an in-depth, topical counseling library. She readily shares the truth that a changed mind produces a changed heart? and a changed heart produces a changed life with Hope for the Heart broadcast program and training programs.

Hope for the Heart series is practical counseling materials based on Biblical truth. It?s the result of years of research and counseling with suggestion, affirmation and applause from many professional counselors to bring healing and hope to broken hearts.

This outline-format resource gives definitions, characteristics, causes and steps to solution for real-life topics and reinforces the importance of Christ-centered living.

  • Definition: help you to look at the problem in God?s way.
  • Characteristic: provide Biblical focus and facilitate change.
  • Causes: explain the symptom and cause.
  • Solution: work out steps to get rid of bondage and build godly character.

VICTORY: Overcoming Negative Emotions

  1. Rebellion – Reclaiming the Rebel
  2. Guilt – Living Guilt Free
  3. Loneliness – How to Be Alone but Not Lonely
  4. Envy & Jealousy – Taming the Terrible Twins
  5. Pride & Humility – The Prescription for ?I? Strain
  6. Rejection – Healing a Wounded Heart
  7. Fear & Phobias – From Panic to Peace
  8. Anger – Learning to Act rather than React
  9. Prejudice – Pulling Up the Roots of Pride
  10. Depression – Walking from Darkness into the Dawn
  11. Worry – The Joy Stealer
  12. Self-Worth – A Matter of Vision

HARMONY: Creating Authentic Relationships That Last

  1. Caregiving – A Privilege, Not a Prison
  2. Communication – The Heart of the Matter
  3. Conflict Resolution – Solving People Problems
  4. Confrontation – Restoring Troubled Relationships
  5. Critical Spirit – Be an Encourager, Not a Critic
  6. Forgiveness – How to Forgive ? When You Don?t Feel Like It
  7. Friendship – Iron Sharpening Iron
  8. Intimacy – Learning the Language of Love
  9. Manipulation – Severing the Strings of Control
  10. Mentoring – How to Shepherd the Sheep
  11. Reconciliation – Restoring Broken Relationships
  12. Submission – Yielding from a Spirit of Strength
  13. Victimization – Victory Over the Victim Mentality

INTEGRITY: Building Strong Basis for Growth

  1. Ethics & Integrity – The Same in the Dark as in the Light
  2. Decision Making – Discerning the Will of God
  3. Habits – Success in Self-Control
  4. Aging – Wisdom for the Winter Years
  5. Sexual Integrity – The Choices & Challenges of Sexual Passion
  6. Hope – The Anchor of the Soul
  7. Identity – Do You Know Who You Really Are?
  8. Trials – Seasons of Suffering
  9. Temptation – Promise of Pleasure, Lured by a Lie
  10. Success through Failure – From Stumbling Stones to Stepping Stone
  11. Purpose in Life – Pinpointing Your Priorities
  12. Counseling – Biblical Hope with Practical Help

SUCCESS: Fostering a Positive Attitude at Work

  1. Employment – Be Extraordinary among the Ordinary
  2. Financial Freedom – Principles of Wise Money Management
  3. Lying – How to Stop Truth Decay
  4. Perfectionism – The Push to Perform
  5. Procrastination – Preventing the Decay of Delay
  6. Prosperity – Strategies for Success
  7. Stealing – Catch the Thief Hiding in Your Heart
  8. Stress Management – Beating Burnout Before It Beats You
  9. Time Management – Maximizing Your Minutes
  10. Workaholism – The Beeline to Burnout

LOVE: Establishing Healthy Romance and Family

  1. Singleness – Single and Satisfied
  2. Dating – The Waiting Game
  3. Premarital Counseling – Are You Fit to Be Tied?
  4. Marriage – To Have and to Hold
  5. Unbelieving Mate – Becoming a Winsome Witness
  6. Adultery – The Snare of an Affair
  7. Divorce – A New Beginning from Brokenness
  8. Single Parenting – Success with God as Your Partner
  9. Parenting – Steps for Successful Parenting
  10. Teenagers – Helping Teens through Turbulent Times
  11. Adoption – A Child Born in the Heart
  12. Codependency – Moving from Bondage to Balance

Hope for the Heart
5-Book Set: ¥175.00


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