True Love Follow Me

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True Love Follow Me
Decipher the Character of Dating and Marriage

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Language: Chinese
Number of discs: 2
Run time: D1 (1 hr. 47 mins.)
Run time: D2 (57 mins.)

Everyone longs for romantic love and a happy marriage. But why hasn?t the Prince Charming/Snow White showed up? Why did marriage turn out to be the tomb of love and you regret marrying the wrong person?
Character decides the quality of marriage. How can you prepare yourselves for lifelong happiness? What can be overlooked and what can?t be when choosing a spouse? What can help your marriage survive tough times and even flourish?
The author of The Secret of Loving Josh McDowell authorizes Andrew Yuan, a famous Chinese marriage counseling expert, to teach the lecture. Andrew has years of marriage counseling experience and explains the Biblical truth of dating and marriage. He discusses the importance of character in dating and marriage so that those who are waiting with pure hearts will not waste time and those who are trapped in emotions can make a clear choice. May all who long for a soul mate guard their purity and enjoy true love!

About the Speaker
Andrew YuanMr. Andrew Yuan is a famous marriage and parenting expert in China. He has taught in Beijing Foreign Language Normal College (presently College of Foreign Languages Capital Normal University) and University of International Business and Economics. He worked in American International Management and Technology Corporation as Training Consultant in 1998 and worked as vice president later. At that time, he gradually became devoted to the marriage and parenting educational career and decided to make it his lifelong mission. Andrew attended Family Life international trainers? training in 1999 and 2004, and received the qualification certificate. He started The Communication of the Hearts parenting educational column in magazine What Parents Need to Know in 1999. Andrew has been on speaking tours around China in the past 10 years and has travelled to more than 20 provinces and municipalities. He covers topics such as dating, marriage, family, parenting and character building.

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Editor?s Comments

  1. Seeking true love and touching the soul and spirit: This is the first DVD set product that combines both Chinese and western cultures to elaborate true love, which brings refreshment and guides the young people to understand what is true love naturally and helps build the concept of purity in their hearts.
  2. Combining both Chinese and western cultures and teaching with authority: The author of The Secret of Loving Josh McDowell authorizes famous Chinese marriage counseling expert Andrew Yuan to teach the idea of “why true love waits” with Chinese culture background and examples, which is much easier to understand. At the same time, Andrew emphasizes the influence of character to marriage quality and happiness, solves the problems that youth encounter in dating and marriage, and satisfies the needs of young people not knowing how to find true love with his years of marriage counseling experience.
  3. Live lecture and first class shooting and recording technology: Live lecture leaves lots of opportunity for audience and lecturer to interact and communicate. First class shooting and recording technology with wonderful video clips in between gives audience the feeling of being on the scene personally.


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