Focus on Genesis

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Focus on Genesis
Dorcas Du

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ISBN: 978-7-5443-3176-0
Paper: 14 X 21
Pages: 365
Category: Devotional

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  • 365-day devotional book
  • Connects biblical principles to personal life application
  • Integrates Genesis with Scripture and bibilical theology
  • Easy to read

About the Author
Dorcas Du lives by faith. She is an author living in Guangzhou and got her B. TH in Singapore. This book was given to editors when Dorcas had terminal cancer and was undergoing treatment. She wasn’t expected to live to see her book published and had even started making funeral arrangements already. She said: “I would rather put my life into the Father?s hands instead of doctor’s hands.” And quotes the book of Psalms saying: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” After several more rounds of chemotherapy, she seemed to have responded well to treatment. Now she is totally recovered and expecting her next book. Doctors said that she was a special patient with a lot of faith and a big heart.

This is a God-given book:
After several years of theological study, I found most theological books were hard. So I asked myself if I could dance and sing on this firm foundation. The answer after prayer is that I could. So I tried hard to combine orthodox theology with beautiful literature, and this became my writing direction.

The writing inspiration is also God-given:
As a Chinese Christian worker, I hope Chinese people won?t see Christianity as a foreign faith anymore. Someone asked if we can bring biblical truth into Chinese culture. The answer after prayer is that we can. So I combine Chinese culture with Biblical culture and this became my writing style.
– Dorcas Du



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