Caring Enough to Confront

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Caring Enough to Confront
David Augsburger

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About the Author
David Augsburger
David W. Augsburger is an American Anabaptist author with a Ph.D. from Claremont School of Theology and a BA and BD from Eastern Mennonite College and Eastern Mennonite Seminary respectively. Augsburger writes on Christian subjects and has been the Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at the School of Theology at Fuller’s Theological Seminary since 1990. Augsburger is a minister of the Mennonite Church and a diplomate of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Although all of Augsburger’s works revolve around the subject of Christianity, some also cover dealing with hatred, prejudice, and violence, as well as being a forgiving person.

Many people try to avoid conflict, but confrontation can be a catalyst for deeper loving care as we learn to integrate our needs and wants with those of others. Dr. David Augsburger believes that deepened relationships bloom out of conflict when we remember that the important issue is not what the conflict is about, but instead how the conflict is handled. Caring Enough to Confront will teach you how to build trust, cope with blame and prejudice, and be honest about anger and frustration. You?ll learn how to confront with compassion in family, church and work relationships to resolve conflict in a healthy and healing way. Make the most of every conflict by mastering the tools of making peace.


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