When You Love Too Much

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When You Love Too Much
Stephen Arterburn

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ISBN: 978-7-104-03181-9
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About the Author
Stephen ArterburnStephen Arterburn is founder Women of Faith and of New Life Ministries. and the cofounder of New Life Clinics, which provide professional counseling and treatment nationwide. He hosts the nationally syndicated daily radio program New Life Live! and is the founder of Women of Faith. Arterburn is the best-selling author of more than 40 50 books, including Every Man’s Battle, Toxic Faith, Feeding Your Appetites and Every Woman’s Desire. He has been featured in national publications including The New York Times, USA Today, Reader’s Digest and Today’s Christian Woman. He has over 4,000,000 books in print and has won numerous Gold Medallion Awards for writing excellence. Stephen is a well-known speaker across the nation, and he makes his home in Laguna Beach, California.

In his breakthrough book on obsessions of the heart, best-selling author Stephen Arterburn examines love addiction why it is on the rise, what it looks like, who it afflicts and what to do if you suspect yourself or someone you love to be suffering from it. Like alcoholics or drug addicts, love addicts get high on sex and romance, develop a tolerance for them and need ever-greater doses to keep going. Anyone who wishes to sustain a healthy relationship knows that nurturing true and lasting love is nearly impossible with someone who thrives only on romance. But for every weakness, there is a cure. If you believe that someone close to you may be struggling with love addiction, this book can open your eyes and offer methods for broaching and solving the problem. If you believe that you yourself may be battling addiction, When You Love Too Much will help you recognize the truth and guide you on the road to real and lasting intimacy.


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