Taming the Tiger

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Taming the Tiger
Tony Anthony / Angela Little

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ISBN: 978-7-80588-843-9
Paper: 14.5 X 21
Pages: 206
Category: Testimony

About the Author
Tony Anthony lives in Leigh-on-Sea, England, with his wife Sara and two young sons. He is founding director of Avanti, a Christian organization formed to support the church in evangelistic endeavors.

This fast-paced, compelling and chilling account is the deeply moving story of a three-time Kung Fu World Champion. With fascinating insight into the traditions of China’s martial arts, it documents the abusive upbringing that turned a four-year old child into a hardened, professional killer. From China to Europe and across the Mediterranean, we follow Tony as he becomes an elite bodyguard, protecting some of the world’s most powerful people. Following personal tragedy, Tony’s extreme discipline and the philosophy of his art is quickly turned. He begins to use his skills for illegal means and highly destructive, bloodthirsty pleasure. Eventually incarcerated in Cyprus, Tony hits rock bottom. Through the visits of a stranger, he is introduced to the reality and life-changing power of a Savior. Though the prison walls hold him, he finds himself a free man. This is just the beginning of a complex and fascinating testimony.


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