Tales from Christmas Wood

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Tales from Christmas Wood
Suzy Senior / James Newman Gray

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ISBN: 978-7-5527-0397-9
Category: Children

About the Author
Suzy SeniorSuzy Senior has worked in publishing since her youth. She enjoys visiting bookshops across Scotland and the North of England, and now has a family with two lovely children. In her spare time she likes to write books for children and spend time with family. She was shortlisted in the National Literacy Trust and Bloomsbury Children’s Book Poetry Prize 2015.

Christmas wood is full of animals: Badger, Fidgety Fox, Owl, the Rabbit family, Tiny Mouse, and Robin. All the animals are getting ready to celebrate?Badger is looking for new friends, Tiny is making gingerbread, and Rosie Rabbit just wants peace and quiet! Five festive stories from the animals in the wood all come together in a sixth story, a fantastic Christmas finale in a barn with some rather special guests.


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