The Dreams of the Three Trees

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The Dreams of the Three Trees NEW ED.

Price: ¥29.00
ISBN: 978-7-224-10207-9
Paper: 27.2 X 21.7
Pages: 42
Category: Children / Inspirational

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About the Author
AiWangLeA team of local editors collaborate to bring you and your child this life-changing tale. AiWangLe is committed to promoting love, faith and joy among children and in the Chinese family. Look for the AiWangLe name to discover trusted resources and products devoted to developing healthy, mature and spiritually strong children. Jin Fei, an experienced Chinese artist, uses color and creativity to bring these growing trees to life.

Learn to dream big!
Three sapling trees dream of one day becoming great. As the years pass by and the trees mature, these dreams become realities in unexpected ways.

The Dreams of the Three Trees is a revitalized edition of this traditional tale passed down for generations. Through a combination of fresh vivid colors and fine classic storytelling, this book is guaranteed to delight readers young and old.

The Dreams of the Three Trees will expand the visions and dreams of every child and adult. This book promises both an enjoyable and educational read, offering parallel translations in simple, clear English as well as Chinese with Hany? Pinyin.

This inspiring story is hardcover bound and brilliantly illustrated, displaying the talents of a Chinese artist with soft, hand-painted touch. The Dreams of the Three Trees makes an excellent addition to one’s personal collection of treasured books and is an ideal gift for friends and family. Read The Dreams of the Three Trees again and again, and be encouraged each time to dream of greatness in life.


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