Awana Game Book

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Awana Game Book

Price: ¥32.00
ISBN: 978-7-5104-4697-9
Paper: 27.2 X 21.7
Pages: 272
Category: Children / Educational

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About the Author
AiWangLeThe name Awana (??? – AiWangLe in Chinese) comes from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, taken from II Timothy 2:15. AiWangLe is committed to promoting love, faith and joy among children and in the Chinese family. Look for the AiWangLe name to discover trusted resources and products devoted to developing healthy, mature and spiritually strong children.

Illustration by Jin Fei, an experienced Chinese artist.


  • Widely used in more than one hundred countries for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Profound analysis of children’s behavior and their psychological characteristics. A good mix of education and entertainment.
  • Detailed and simple instructions (with illustrations) for game leaders
  • Popular and interesting crafts
  • Help for children in overcoming shyness and social barriers. Individualized instructions provided.
  • Sportsmanship
  • Professional study of what makes a good children game.

This book is packed with a wide variety of interesting games to keep your students engaged.


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