Moments Together for Couples

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Moments Together for Couples
Dennis & Barbara Rainey

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ISBN: 978-7-80588-795-1
Paper: 17 X 23
Pages: 365
Category: Devotional

About the Author
Dennis & Barbara RaineyDennis and Barbara Rainey are co-founders of FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ. Their books include the 2003 Gold Medallion finalist Growing a Spiritually Strong Family and the bestseller Two Hearts Praying as One. Dennis co-hosts the daily radio program FamilyLife Today, heard by four million people each week. The Raineys have six children (5 more grafted in by marriage- three sons, two daughters), and fourteen grandchildren. They live near Little Rock, Arkansas.

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In the midst of the stress and pressure of everyday life, Moments Together for Couples will give you and your mate a chance to pause, relax and draw upon the strength of the Lord. This easy-to-use devotional helps you set aside anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes every day with your spouse to grow closer to God and closer to each other.


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