Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
Dennis R. Petersen

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ISBN: 978-7-5443-3180-7
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Pages: 240
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Attention Home schoolers. Beautiful and inviting to readers, this book is designed like a museum tour, giving readers of all ages a visual feast as well as a solid foundation in creation science. From the mysteries of original man and the early earth to studying ancient civilizartions, the book helps readers to: Discover the scientific accuracy of the biblical creation account. Unveil the fundamental fallacies of evolutionistic myths. Build an unshakeable confidence in the reality and power of God’s Word.
About the Author
Dennis Petersen is the Founder of Creation Resource Foundation in El Dorado, CA. They produce media presentations, publications, curricula and seminars on creations science. A former museum curator and Bible college apologetics teacher, he has led seminars throughout the United States for 30 years that educate youth and adults on creation science. He is a frequent guest speaker at homeschool conventions and lecutres in the U.S., Canada, and overseas.


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