The Story of David

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The Story of David

Price: ¥60.00 (Set of 4 Books)
ISBN: 978-7-5316-8702-3
Paper: 27.2 X 21.7
Category: Children / Educational

About the Author
A team of ZDL editors collaborate to bring you and your child a fresh new series on the life of one of the most well-known kings of all time ? King David. .

About the Illustrator
Hudalin, an experienced Chinese artist, uses color and creativity to bring David’s story to life!

This set of four storybooks is great for reading along with your child, helping you study and grow together. These stories take place during the Old Testament times of King David of Israel showing four of the most exciting events in his life:

The Shepherd Boy and His Flock
The Shepherd Boy and The Giant
The Shepherd and The Prince
The Good King Shows Mercy

  • The Shepherd Boy and His Flock
    David does his very best job to take care of his flock of sheep. Because of his faithfulness and responsibility, David is chosen by God to become the next king.
  • The Shepherd Boy and The Giant
    With confidence and courage, David fearlessly stands against the giant Goliath. Just a small rock thrown at the proud giant totally defeats him.
  • The Shepherd and The Prince
    The shepherd David and Prince Jonathan are brought together as friends. Their true friendship endures through many tests of time.
  • The Good King Shows Mercy
    King David keeps his promise by showing mercy. Instead of taking vengeance on his enemy, David takes in Saul?s grandson, Mephibosheth, and treats him as his own son.

Timeless stories come to life in vivid color, with standard Pinyin, modern Chinese and today’s English ? great for the beginning reader.


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