Through Gates of Splendor

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Through Gates of Splendor
Elisabeth Elliot

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About the Author
Elisabeth ElliotElisabeth Elliot, the wife of one of five missionaries martyred in their attenpt to befriend the Waokani. Through Gates of Splendor, her first book, became one of the best-selling and most powerful missionary story of the twentieth century. Elliot has gone on to become a popular speaker and the author of several books as well as a host of magazine articles.

Five missionaries gave their lives in the jungles of Ecuador and made headlines around the world.
An unforgettable true story written by the wife of one of these men.

In 1955, five young men made contact with a Stone Age tribe deep in the jungles of Ecuador. The goal: to establish communication and bring the gospel to them. The challenge: the tribe?s previous response had been to attack and kill all strangers. At an agreed-upon time, their five young wives sat by their radios waiting for a message … that never came. An unforgettable true story was written by the wife of one of these men.


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