Salt and Light, Volume 1

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Salt and Light, Volume 1
Edited by Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin with Stacey Bieler

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ISBN: 978-7-5126-3209-7
Paper: 17 X 24
Pages: 259
Category: History / Biography

About the Authors
Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin is research professor at George Mason University and a senior associate with Global China Center and author of “God and Caesar in China” and “Decision-Making in Deng’s China”.

Stacey Bieler is author of “Patriots” or “Traitors”?: A History of American Educated Chinese Students”.

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Salt and Light presents the life stories of outstanding Chinese Christians who, as early modernizers, promoted China’s nation building and moral progress in the early twentieth century. Lively anecdotes and photographs highlight the strong character of ten pioneers in the modern professions of education, medicine, journalism, and diplomacy.
These professionals were motivated by faith to introduce practical social reforms and build up China’s civil society. They modeled and promoted virtues essential to social progress during the ?golden age? of Chinese Protestantism. Their stories touch on themes important in today’s global era: patterns of cooperation between foreign and Chinese partners, the contributions to China of Western-educated professionals, Christianity’s role in furthering East-West understanding and exchanges, and the transnational nature of modern Chinese Christianity:

  1. Rong Hong: Visionary for a New China
  2. Tang Guo’an: Pioneering China’s Rights Recovery Movement
  3. Shi Meiyu: An “Army of Women” in Medicine
  4. Fan Zimei: Between Tradition and Modernity
  5. Ding Shujing: The YWCA Pathway for China’s “New Women”
  6. Mei Yiqi: University President in Wartime
  7. Lin Qiaozi: The Steady Pulse of a Quiet Faith
  8. Wei Zhuomin: Bridging National Culture and World Values
  9. Wu Yifang: Abundant Life in Training Women for Service
  10. Yan Yangchu: Reformer with a Heart for the Village

The editors and authors articulate the importance of recovering China’s Christian heritage as part of world Christianity.


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