The Transforming Friendship: A Guide to Prayer

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 The Transforming Friendship: A Guide to Prayer
  James M. Houston

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About the Author
James M. HoustonDr. James M. Houston, a prolific author, editor, and Christian scholar, is the founding principal, former chancellor and emeritus professor of spiritual theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. A native of Scotland whose parents were missionaries to Spain, he is recognized around the world as a leader in educating laypeople for effective ministry and in helping to restore spirituality to evangelicalism. His other books include The Mentored Life, The Heart’s Desire, and Joyful Exiles.

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Too often, prayer seems only to be a dreary exercise that must be endured or a difficult skill that must be mastered. When we misunderstand its purpose and practice, we easily fall out of the habit of praying regularly. As a result, we miss one of the greatest opportunities to deepen our friendship with God. In The Transforming Friendship, James Houston explores the transforming power of prayer, illustrating how prayer begins to change our lives and then how the way we live changes how we pray. Through clear and compelling examinations of the Scriptures, Dr. Houston shows the often-misunderstood spiritual realities of prayer. And through candid accounts of his own struggles to pray effectively, he will encourage you to engage boldly in the life-changing practice of intimate conversation with God.


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