How to Forgive … When You Don?t Feel Like It

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How to Forgive … When You Don?t Feel Like It
June Hunt

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About the Author
June HuntJune Hunt is the CSO & founder of Hope for the Heart, a worldwide biblical counseling ministry that provides numerous resources for people seeking help. June earned her Master of Arts degree in counseling from The Criswell College. She is a visiting professor of Dallas Theological Seminary. Whether writing, speaking, or singing, June Hunt is dedicated to presenting Biblical Truth for Today?s Problems. June authored and published the Biblical Counseling Keys, an in-depth, topical counseling library. She readily shares the truth that a changed mind produces a changed heart? and a changed heart produces a changed life with Hope for the Heart broadcast program and training programs.

Forgiving others is not easy. Usually it requires us to revisit past hurts and broken relationships. Given the choice, many of us would rather move on than do that.

Yet deep down we know the Bible says forgiveness is right. But what if we don’t feel like it? Why is the act of forgiveness so hard?

Biblical counselor June Hunt has over 20 years of experience in answering the hard questions people ask about forgiveness–questions such as …

  • What if it hurts too much to forgive?
  • What if it’s the other person’s fault?
  • Am I really supposed to forgive and forget?

June’s counsel combines biblical truth with heartfelt compassion. In this book, readers will learn from Jesus’ own example of how to forgive … and will discover the tremendous healing and freedom that comes with forgiveness. A gentle and encouraging resource on a vital topic.


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