A Devotional Companion for Modern Men

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A Devotional Companion for Modern Men
Li Yongming etc.

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ISBN: 978-7-5443-3471-6
Paper: 14.5 X 21
Pages: 313
Category: Devotional

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  • Based on Biblical principles to ask men: ?Who are you??
  • Inspires men to think about their role
  • Encourages men to take the responsibility of leadership

The original version of this book was published by the Worldwide Bible Society Ltd, and all the articles are written by overseas Chinese brothers. All Scripture quotations are taken from the New Chinese Version of the Holy Bible, which is easier to understand and has an interpretation that is closer to the Greek version. This devotional companion provides tips for men by discussing their identity and life role from biblical wisdom, helping men recognize and build self-image. By using biblical examples of men, their strengths to emulate and their faults to avoid, this book will help readers reflect on their own lives. This devotional can be used for half a year, 6 days a week.



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