Salt and Light, Volume 2

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Salt and Light, Volume 2
Edited by Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin with Stacey Bieler

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Paper: 17 X 24
Pages: 321
Category: History / Biography

About the Authors
Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin is research professor at George Mason University and a senior associate with Global China Center and author of “God and Caesar in China” and “Decision-Making in Deng’s China”.

Stacey Bieler is author of “Patriots” or “Traitors”?: A History of American Educated Chinese Students”.

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The hidden seeds of the Christian renewal in China today include the outstanding Chinese Christians in Salt and Light 2, a dozen new life stories with lively anecdotes and photographs. These reformers made lasting contributions that shaped modern China. Working out of the limelight in their professions, they had quiet but powerful influence on early twentieth-century civil society. Motivated by their faith, they modeled essential virtues. This series helps recover a lost Christian heritage linked closely to a legacy of East-West cooperation in an earlier global era.

Jean-Paul Wiest, Biyao Huang, Chiwai Cheung, Wenzong Wang, John Barwick, John Lindblom and Ying Zhu.

  1. Yan Yongjing and Yan Huiqing: Father and Son Bridging East and West
  2. Ma Xiangbo: Pioneer of Educational Reform
  3. Huang Naishang: Revolutionary with a Vision for a Christian China
  4. Kuang Fuzhuo: From Coolie to Educator and Humanitarian
  5. Yin Renxian: A Light in the Darkness
  6. Zeng Baosun: Embracing Chinese Ideals and Christian Education
  7. Liu Tingfang: Christian Minister and Intellectual Activist
  8. Zhang Fuliang: Serving the Tillers of the Good Earth
  9. Wu Jingxiong: Judge, Pilgrim and Poet
  10. Sun Mingjing and Lü Jin’ai: Pioneers of Educational Films
  11. Wang Liming: Vision of the Modern Chinese Woman


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