5 Minute Church Historian

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5 Minute Church Historian
Richard W. Cornish

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ISBN: 978-7-5468-0149-0
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Pages: 305
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About the Author
Rick Cornish is a former Marine Officer with an earned doctorate degree from Denver Seminary as well as a masters degree in Greek and history from the University of Nebraska. He has seventeen years experience as a pastor in the U.S., and is currently a missionary teacher of theology, New Testament, and church history with Teaching Truth International (TTI). He teaches in several places around the world, but mostly in China. He previously served as U.S. Director and teacher of New Testament and systematic theology at Donetsk Christian University in Ukraine.
He is married to Tracy, who works as the assistant to the women?s ministry director at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. They have two sons.

Become better rooted in your faith. This book is ideal for readers who want to be well-versed in the major points of church history without having to obtain a seminary degree. Who are the major leaders who shaped the history of the church? Understand the big picture of church history and be more grounded in your faith in just minutes per day. These brief, five-minute readings make it easy.


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