Reformation Sketches

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Reformation Sketches
W. Robert Godfrey

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Pages: 163
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About the Author
W. Robert GodfreyW. Robert Godfrey (PhD, Stanford University) is a professor of church history and president of Westminster Seminary California. He is a minister of the United Reformed Churches. He is author of Reformation Sketches: Insights into Luther, Calvin, and the Confessions and God s Pattern for Creation: A Covenantal Reading of Genesis 1. He is coeditor of Theonomy: A Reformed Critique, and contributor to John Calvin: His Influence in the Western World. Godfrey has also written numerous articles and has been a speaker at many Christian conferences.

Popular-level introduction to key Reformers (Calvin, Luther, Melanchthon, Peter Martyr) and confessions (the Heidelberg Catechism, the Westminster Confession, the Canons of Dort).


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