Marriage: A Covenant for Life

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Marriage: A Covenant for Life
Andrew Yuan

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About the Author
Andrew Yuan Mr. Andrew Yuan is a marriage and parenting expert, popular speaker and author in China. He is often referred to as “the Watchman for Chinese Families.”

Mr. Yuan began studying marriage, family and parenting in the 1990’s. He is a certified trainer with FamilyLife, having attended training in both 1999 and 2004. In 1999, he began writing the parenting educational column, The Communication of the Hearts, for the magazine What Parents Need to Know. For the past 10 years, Andrew has been on speaking tours around China and has traveled to more than 20 provinces and municipalities. He covers topics such as dating, marriage, family, parenting and character building.

He released the “True Love Follow Me” and “6 A’s to Build Up Your children” DVD series in 2008 and a published book on premarital relationships entitled “Finding Your Better Half” in 2009.

Is marriage only intended to make you happy?
Will your marriage only work out if you use the right skills and techniques?
Faced with difficult realities such as pesky in-laws and selfish ?Me First? spouses, how can biblical principles be lived out in your marriage?

Popular speaker and marriage expert Andrew Yuan uses the Bible and years of marriage counseling experience to help us find the answer to these questions and more.


  • Chinese author accurately analyzes the present state of Chinese marriages.
  • Local Chinese marriages are used as case studies and examples.
  • Author speaks vividly from his own experience of being married for nearly 30 years.

Reader Groups

  • Couples, especially good for marriage building
  • Pastors, marriage counselors and group leaders
  • Marriage counseling organizations


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