Vital Truths to Shape Your Life

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Vital Truths to Shape Your Life
Stuart Briscoe

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ISBN: 978-7-5044-6740-9
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Pages: 208
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About the Author
Stuart BriscoeOver the past 33 years, Stuart Briscoe has worked with youth, pastors, missionaries and lay leaders in more than 100 countries. His experience, wit, and biblical insight minister to a wide spectrum of situations and needs through his extensive video and audio tapes and25-plus books, including The Fruit of the Spirit: Cultivating Christlike Character. he has pastored Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin since 1970.

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Popular speaker Stuart Briscoe offers wise counsel on the life-changing decisions that everyone makes. This book awakens readers’ desire to think through what’s really important and learn how to make decisions that will lead to greater well-being.


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