The Ultimate Prize

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The Ultimate Prize
Stuart Weir

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About the Author
Stuart Weir is an accomplished sports writer, specializing in soccer, golf, and Olympic Sports and sports ethics. Based in Oxford, England, he has written guides to major sports events and has authored a number of books, including More Than Champions, Kriss, What a Difference a Day Makes, and Bernhard Langer: My Autobiography. Weir has also been a regular sports broadcaster for various BBC radio programs. He is married to Lynne and has two children, Christine and Jonathan.

It goes without saying that all Olympic athletes desire to win a gold medal. Some Olympians, however, train with an even greater reward in mind. In his book The Ultimate Prize, Stuart Weir highlights some of the great Christian athletes of our time, such as Eric Liddell and Jonathan Edwards, who became world famous for not only competing in the games, but living out their faith. In addition to recounting these inspiring true stories, Weir also provides fascinating historical facts about the Olympics; all of which come together to make The Ultimate Prize a must read for anyone interested in learning about the connection between faith and athletic competition.


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