A Pearl Necklace

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A Pearl Necklace
Mi Xue

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ISBN: 978-7-80588-992-4
Paper: 14 X 21
Pages: 259
Category: Testimony

About the Author
Author Mi Xue is a first-generation Chinese born in the United States. She graduated from Stanford University and obtained her Master’s Degree in Education from Columbia University.

Mi Xue?s life is full of rich and varied experiences. She was a young woman chasing the American dream, but could never find fulfillment. Her marriage was once on the verge of collapse, but it was healed through divine intervention and hard work. Her eldest son is autistic, but this caused the family to depend more closely on each other. She left family and friends twice to live abroad with her husband, and through persistence and dedication, ultimately made a significant contribution in high-end international education cooperation in Hong Kong. Mi Xue and her husband live with their three children in the United States.

A Pearl Necklace is the compelling true story of a Chinese American’s struggles and victories strung together throughout life, weaving sorrows, joys, and lessons learned to create a beautiful masterpiece of inspiration and brilliance.

Mi Xue was born in the United States to Chinese immigrant parents. From a young age, she experienced the tensions of cultural identity and marginalization. As an adult, she faced the challenges of having an autistic child, and learning to submit to her husband who decided to leave his well-paying job in pursuit of something more eternally significant. Her family moved from place to place within the United States, and then to Hong Kong, while everyone else seemed to be immigrating to the United States instead. Just as her career in Hong Kong began to succeed, the family suddenly had to return to the United States. In the midst of all this, MiXue learned how to treasure what is most important in life.

This poignant biography demonstrates how a life of endless dedication and passion can shine like a precious jewel even throughout the darkest times.


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