Coffee on the Terrace

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Coffee on the Terrace
Bruce Grayden

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ISBN: 978-7-106-03334-7
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Pages: 224
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About the Author
Bruce GraydenIn 1974, Bruce Grayden along with his wife, Judith, and family moved to northern Philippines to a Kalinga tribe and lived among them for six years. They learned the local language and helped the people progress from their accustomed trailing and superstitious lifestyle. They later moved onto other parts of the country for a number of years before returning to Australia in 1986. They have four children, including two who were born in the Philippines. The Graydens have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International since 1972.

“What’s going on?” I asked Palongpong as I sat sipping coffee with friends.
“There are two men with guns outside, and they want to shoot someone!”
“Who?” I asked.
A cold wave of fear suddenly shot through me. The rebel group was going from house to house searching for me! As the yelling and crying continued outside, Kilaw came in and insisted, “We must leave now.”

Filled with suspense and danger, this contemporary Bible translation story told by Bruce Grayden unfolds with cliff-hanging drama to a riveting conclusion only God could have arranged.

Set in the Philippines’ terraced highlands, Coffee on the Terrace is a story of hope and perseverance, as the Graydens work with the Kalinga people to translate God’s Word into their language. Learn how the translated Scriptures made a dramatic impact in the Kalingas’ lives and set them free from spirit oppression and revenge killings.


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